Uncoated Floors Increase Your Productivity

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Uncoated floor coverings make the healing process of your patients in your hospital more economical and more efficient. They reduce follow-up costs and downtime by eliminating time-intensive remediation work. Thanks to a dense, impermeable surface, norament and noraplan rubber floors remain durable over the long term without coatings. They are therefore the low-maintenance foundation for a hygienic environment according to professional standards.

Flooring that stays in top condition

Countless people walk across the same floors day in, day out, especially in hospitals. Then comes the wear and tear of rolling patient beds, transport trolleys and equipment which also damage the flooring and can cause tracks to be left behind on coated floor coverings. This is why you should count on uncoated norament or noraplan floor coverings, which will maintain a permanent high-quality appearance and which are easy to clean, even when subject to heavy traffic.

Durable flooring with higher efficiency and profitability

The impermeable and dense surface of nora rubber floors make them particularly damage-resistant and less likely to trap dirt than open-pored surfaces, even in high-impact areas. This means there is no need for temporary surface coatings and your rooms remain usable around the clock (24/7). This allows business processes to be improved and allows for a longer service life of the flooring. 

Fewer chemicals for ecological hospitals

The methods used for cleaning nora floorings are well suited to sustainable, environmentally conscious hospitals, as there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals or highly alkaline basic cleaning agents. With the specially developed nora pads, even old, extremely soiled or stained floors can be sanitized and made to look good again. The cleaning process is simple and quick, and there is little risk of error. To do so, you need only a conventional cleaning machine and clean water. In doing so, you avoid the environmental impact of solvents, surfactants, and alkaline cleaning chemicals.

Reliable electrostatic discharge capability

Floor coverings that can discharge electrostatically are required for medical use areas, such as operating rooms. It is important that these requirements be met within specifications. This is because floors with electrostatic discharge capability are used to prevent sensitive, life-sustaining medical equipment from malfunctioning. At the same time, they offer protection from stray currents when performing HF surgery.

You can always rely on nora rubber in this regard as well: They ensure long-lasting, consistent electrostatic discharge capability from the first day onward. Instead they are completely uncoated, there are also no changes in this conductivity throughout their usable life. This eliminates the risk of negative effects on the electrostatic discharge capability due to subsequent application of improper coatings.

Higher slip resistance for your patients

The sanitation or recoating of floors can cause rooms and corridors to be closed. However patients do not always observe no entry signs – and may be at greater risk of falling in the freshly coated areas. Many coatings need time to dry and are very slippery in the meantime.

By foregoing any and all coatings, norament and noraplan rubber floors eliminate this risk. Your floors will be usable day and night and will be safe to walk on again shortly after the usual cleaning. 

Another benefit is that the slip-resistant property of the surface is permanent. Floor coverings that are subsequently coated can also have their slip resistance class affected by the application of the coating.

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