High-quality floor covering for canteens and cafeterias

Floor coverings for canteens, cafeterias and dining halls must be able to withstand high levels of traffic. nora rubber floor coverings meet these wide-ranging requirements and offer a number of unique benefits (including slip resistance and noise damping) and easy cleaning after meals or assemblies.

Canteen design with nora floor coverings

Lounge with nora floor coverings

Robust rubber flooring for the canteen

Bistro design with nora floor coverings

University cafeteria, designed with nora floor coverings

Canteen with nora floor coverings

School canteen design with nora floor coverings

Refectory with nora floor coverings

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Frits Philips lyceum-mavo, Eindhoven 

Netherlands (Eindhoven)
noraplan® signa, noraplan® sentica | Education

The Frits Philips lyceum mavo has been resurrected on the grounds of the former Lyceum Bishop Bekkers. The result fits in perfectly in the green environment. They achieved it “cum laude”...

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Company canteen of the BMW Group, plant Landshut 

Germany (Landshut)
norament® 926 arago | Industry & Life Science

Eating well in a peaceful atmosphere: The company canteen at the BMW Group in Landshut has rapidly become a popular meeting place for employees thanks to its pleasant ambiance. The employee canteen was opened at the end of 2018. It is bright and modern in design and the spacious construction has an attractive and open effect.

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Most sustainable school in the Netherlands 

Netherlands (Eindhoven)
noraplan® signa | Education

Aesthetics and environmental compatibility in perfect unity: The Christiaan Huygens College in Eindhoven is the most sustainable school in the Netherlands, and also stands out with its innovative design featuring three interwoven round constructions.

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