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Metro Sao Paulo, Brazil

South America’s First Fully Automated Metro 

Being one of the rising BRIC countries, Brazil has ambitious plans with regard to its local urban rail network. By 2014, the São Paulo urban rail network alone is to reach 420 km. Four more metro lines are to come over the next decade.

It is thus no surprise that the country should be the one to operate South America’s first fully automated metro line: São Paulo metro Line 4. Being built by the ViaQuatro consortium, the line is also the country’s first PPP project. The fully automated line enables trains to run at closer headways than conventional driver-operated systems and to carry up to one million passengers a day.

In May 2010, the central section of São Paulo Metro Line 4 between Paulista and Faria Lima was inaugurated. Once completed in 2012, it will cover about 13 km and eleven stations, linking the Luz district in the city centre to Vila Sônia in the west with interchanges to metro Lines 1, 2 and 3 as well as CPTM lines 7, 9, 10 and 11. more

Passenger safety has been amajor concern during the planning and construction process. The state-of-the-art subway line relies on a number of special features to safely carry its passengers. A passenger information, video surveillance and train radio system, for instance, ensures optimum safety conditions whilst an operations control centre monitors and controls the line.

Materials being used in the line’s six-car trains have to meet the highest demands. Floor coverings, for example, need to meet the strict fire protection requirements specified by the local authorities. The nora rubber floor covering selected by Hyundai Rotem has been especially developed for metro trains.

noraplan stone mix 931 provides superior resistance to flame, smoke and toxicity. In the case of fire there is no risk of toxic off-gassing from substances like hydrogen chlorine, hydrochloric acid, dioxins or furan. Additionally, the floor covering meets the durability requirements of the railway. Hyundai Rotem searched for a flooring solution that was abrasionresistant and durable enough to withstand the train’s heavy foot traffic, particularly in aisles and entranceways where traffic flows non-stop as passengers make their way through the train.

nora® rubber floor coverings: functionality, durability and versatility for sophisticated railway projects

  • Outstanding fire-protection properties: fire/smoke behaviour tested according to EN 13 501-1, DIN 5510-2, NF F 16-101, ASTM E-648 and E-662, BS 476 p.7, BS 6853 App. B.5.4, UIC-Codex 564- 2/12. Carbonisation gases are non-toxic; no corrosive vapours, no source for dioxins and furans occur.
  • Free of PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) and halogens (e.g. chlorine) as well as asbestos, cadmium, CFCs and formaldehyde
  • Extraordinary wear-resistance: extremely long lifespan, thus less frequent need of for renovation and disposal
  • Dirt-repellent and easy to clean surface: thanks to its extremely dense surface and “nora cleanguard®“, the factory post-curing surface finishing
  • No need for extra coating: significantly reduced care and maintenance costs as well as wastewater loading
  • Dimensionally stable: does not contain any plasticizers; thus is shrinkage resistant
  • Resistant to cigarette burns: no surface damage
  • Permanently resilient: lasting high walking comfort
  • Excellent footfall sound absorption: insulation values up to 20dB
  • Antistatic: no electrostatic charge build-up from walking; therefore, thus no perceptible discharges
  • Environmentally safe: made of high-quality rubber, mineral fillers, and environmental friendly colour pigments

nora rubber floor coverings stepped up to the challenge, providing the required durability and a dense surface that makes the floor resistant to dirt, stains and grime whilst its structure ensures slip resistance. Furthermore, the floor’s granular design and slate grey colour support the sophisticated visual look. More than 5,300 square metres have been installed in the first trains with many more to come.

nora rubber floor coverings are well prepared to fulfil the specific needs in the worldwide transportation business. Leaving our customer satisfied is of utmost priority. We take pride in our many worldwide projects: LINT railways all over Europe, people movers in Las Vegas, metro Taipei in Taiwan and Seoul in Korea, CITADIS in many European cities, and the renovation of nearly 1,200 New York subway cars using approximately 113,000m² of noraplan, to name but a few.

Besides the technical features, more than 300 types of designs and surfaces in the standard range alone and uncountable options for custom-made alternatives offer designers a multiplicity of options to infuse outstanding transportation projects with striking design elements.

Visit our website for more detailed information on nora rubber floor coverings!

Data and facts

Building Metro Sao Paulo, Brazil
Owner ViaQuatro consortium
Market Segment Transportation
Products noraplan® stone
Installation Year 2009


noraplan® stone

Rubber flooring with a discreet, non-directional scattered granulate design, available in a reflection breaking surface for heavy traffic areas.

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