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Administration building, district Niederbayern Landshut

The district of Niederbayern relies on the revolutionary fast installation system, nora® nTx

A new look for office spaces - in the shortest possible time, with little dust and dirt:

Thanks to the new self-adhesive rubber flooring nora nTx, employees at the Niederbayern district administrative office were able to return to their desks immediately after the renovation. Renovation that does not interrupt operations is one of the great advantages of the new rapid installation system, which nora systems brought to the market in 2015. Another decisive factor for the decision makers in the district administrative office’s facilities department: nora nTx can be installed directly over existing floor coverings. This saves more than just time and money. The new system is a particularly good solution for situations in which a conventional flooring renovation project would endanger a building’s historical fabric. more

Installation during ongoing operations

At more than 10,300 square kilometers, Niederbayern is the second largest district in the state. Included within the district are nine counties, three independent cities, and 255 municipalities, with a total population of just under 1.2 million. The administrative office is in Landshut. Some of the administrative office’s approximately 165 employees are housed in the Ursuline convent of St. Joseph. Starting in early 2016, the corridors and offices have gradually been renovated. “On the one hand, it was important to us that the renovation could be carried out during ongoing operations and that our work be disturbed as little as possible,” explains Matthias Kopf, deputy head of the facilities department. “On the other hand, we were concerned that tearing out the old linoleum or PVC floorings could permanently damage the sub-surface.”

nora’s new nTx quick installation technology, in which new rubber flooring could be glued directly to the existing flooring, was the right solution.

Significant time savings, and hardly any dirt

“We did not have to do any major preparatory work and thus saved quite a bit of time,” says construction manager Henri Meyer of the firm Max Hofmann. “Even the fact that it produces almost no construction dust is a considerable advantage. The costs are not any higher than for a conventional installation – and this requires less time and personnel expenses. “We were able to install larger areas using fewer employees.” Thus, this type of installation is also attractive to installation firms. “In the future, we will definitely recommend nora nTx.”

Homey, stylish atmosphere

In addition to the rapid completion of their offices, the staff of the administrative office can also look forward to an attractive, homey atmosphere: the people responsible for the renovation chose two rubber floorings that stand out due to their extraordinary design. In the offices, noraplan valua in a warm, comfortable brown tone was installed. This is the newest product developed by nora systems. The flooring creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere with its warm colors and naturally structured surface. At the same time, it also scores points in terms of the material properties of the permanently elastic rubber. It is environment-friendly and healthy, extremely durable and at the same time ergonomic, has excellent acoustic properties, and is easy to clean. The same is true of noraplan unita, which was used in the hallways of the Ursuline convent. This product, which was awarded the “red dot design award” and the “Good Design Award,” combines rubber and granite in a harmonious synthesis. Each of the many facets of the chips of granite scattered throughout the matt rubber reflect light from the reddish-brown flooring, so that different effects are produced depending on the angle at which the light strikes the floor and the location of the observer.

Simple, fast, and safe - nora nTx represents the next generation of flooring installation in many respects.

Vorschau-Bild zum Video schnelle Sanierung

New look in a short time with very little dust and dirt 

For the quick refurbishment of the administration building of the District Lower Bavaria nora nTx has been installed floor on floor. Henri Meyer about the new experience.


Data and facts

Building Administration building, district Niederbayern Landshut
Owner Max Hofmann Fußböden GmbH & Co. KG
Market Segment Public Buildings
Products noraplan® valua™, nora® nTx™
Architect Bauabteilung Bezirksverwaltung Niederbayern
Installation Year 2016
Photographer Michael Meschede


noraplan® valua™

Rubber floor covering in a linear structured surface for heavy traffic areas, with a calmingly tranquil color palette with a seamless natural texture.

nora® nTx™

nora nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora rubber flooring systems.

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