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Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum: 20 years of utilizsation in an operation room

After 20 years of utilization in an operation room hardly a sign of wear and tear on our norament® grano

Quality that pays off – that’s what nora systems rubber floors offer at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum Neubrandenburg: As the flooring in six operating theatres were still in very good condition after 20 years, they did not have to be replaced as a part of an upcoming surgical refurbishment. Only required minimal maintenance to restore the like new  appearance As a result, the hospital was able to save around 30,000 euros.

Still in good condition after 20 years 

The Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum (DBKNB) – with sites in Neubrandenburg, Altentreptow and Malchin – is an academic teaching hospital of Greifswald University Medical School with over 1,000 beds in 29 clinics and institutes. More than 40,000 inpatients and 75,000 outpatients are treated annually. Ongoing modernisation measures and erecting new buildings guarantee medical treatment of the highest quality. In the late summer of 2017, six operating theatres were refurbished at the Neubrandenburg site. Ophthalmologic surgeries were fitted with new microscopes, which required extensive and timeconsuming retrofitting to the ceilings. In the operating theatres for urology, paediatric surgery, ENT and neurosurgery, the IT equipment was updated, and the electrics were renewed. “Initially, we also planned to replace the floor – after all, it has been in the operating theatres since 1997,” explained Michael Dörnbrack, Manager of the Construction and Technology department. “But, on closer inspection, this proved to be unnecessary, the rubber flooring was still in very good condition, and the joints were also intact.” 

No expensive and time-consuming floor removal

After consulting with nora’s field staff and in coordination with Klinik-Service-Neubrandenburg GmbH (KSN), which is responsible for cleaning, as well as the hygiene officers and the nursing management, the hospital decided to refurbish the rubber flooring.
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„With the conversion to a new, more highly concentrated disinfectant about two years ago, the floor became increasingly sticky,” said Christian Kauert, Head of Building Cleaning and Transport at KSN. These residues were removed mechanically, and the floors were then treated. “Now, the flooring in the operating rooms look like new,” commented Dörnbrack and Kauert enthusiastically.

The savings potential for the hospital was enormous: Just purchasing a new floor and installing it for an area this size would have cost around 32,000 euros. The refurbishment of the rubber floors, on the other hand, only accounted for around EUR 2,000. Another advantage: “Because we did not have to replace the floor with expensive preparatory work such as sanding down and removing the old floor and laying it again, which would have taken at least three weeks, we were able to complete all the work in the sixweek window provided for the renovation,” said Dörnbrack. The fact that norament rubber floor tiles can be replaced individually when required is also considered a big plus, which is usually not possible for sheet material or hard substrates such as Pharmaterrazzo. 

With its extremely impervious and resistant surface, norament grano is easy to clean and can be fully disinfected. This is why rubber tiles are found in many operating theatres around the world and are considered to be classic flooring for this sector. Accordingly, the managers of the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum concluded: “norament grano is as robust as it is durable, and offers good value-for-money”.

Data and facts

Building Operating theaters Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Klinikum
Contruction management Klinik-Service-Neubrandenburg GmbH (KSN)
Installation Year 1997
Floorcovering in an operation room. Refurbishment over replacement
Floorcovering in an operation room. Refurbishment over replacement
norament grano 20 years in an operation room
Savings potential for hospital concerning floor covering
Savings potential for clinic concerning floor covering
Refurbishment of operating theater
Refurbishment rubber floor covering in an operation theater
Flooring operation theater
Flooring operation theater


norament® grano™ ed

Electrostatically dissipative “ed” floorings for optimum ESD protection of electronic devices and equipment. Protect against electrical shock, resist most oils and greases and are suitable for forklift truck areas.

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