quick refurbishment in nursing home took only two days with nora nTx quick installation system

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Fast floor refurbishment in nursing home: nora® nTx allows renovations in the shortest time

Fast floor refurbishment in nursing home: nora® nTx allows renovations in the shortest time

No dirt, no noise and above all no disturbance for the residents: With the new nora nTx rapid installation solution from nora systems, the flooring in the day room and corridors of the nursing and care centre in Benndorf/Sachsen-Anhalt was renovated in the shortest possible time. The team from Marschalek specialist painters installed the noraplan sentica rubber flooring in a pleasant ochre colour directly on top of the old PVC covering. “I cannot possibly allow wards to be shut for renovation work” says the Director of the home, Petra Günther. So the rapid floor refurbishment using nora nTx was the perfect solution: “We were able to walk on the flooring immediately after installation and the residents’ daily routine was not affected.”

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Management team, operating organisation and care home authorities all convinced

The “Glück auf” nursing and care centre in the Mansfeld- Südharz district is a small facility with an informal atmosphere. Around 50 employees care for the current 68 residents. “Most of the nursing staff have worked here for years and know each individual with their own history, wishes and preferences in great detail”, said Petra Günther, the Director of the nursing home since it was opened in 1998. The well-being of the elderly people is also paramount, when any building work is to be carried out. “Before carrying out any renovation work which could affect the residents, we have to inform the care home authorities”, explained the graduate in Business Economics. We had to do this when the flooring needed refurbishing in the day room and corridors on the first floor of the nursing home. “Due to the expected low level of disturbance for the residents, as the management team we were impressed by the new rapid installation solution, nora nTx, and our operating organisation and the care home authorities were also convinced.”

 Areas remain accessible at all times

The particular challenge when carrying out renovation work at the “Glück Auf” nursing home was that the rooms, as well as technical rooms linked to the communal areas and the conservatory all had to remain accessible at all times. So it was ideal that the rapid installation solution which consisted of nora nTx floor covering and nora nTx installation materials only required a few operations and the installation could be completed in the shortest time possible: Once the subsurface had been worked with the nTx sanding disc, then the primer was applied and also sanded briefly. Then those carrying out the work installed the self-adhesive floor covering and went over it with a roller - done. “When installing nora nTx, apart from the 90 minutes for the primer to dry, all areas could be used at all times”, emphasised the Director of the home. Another advantage: With nora nTx the renovation does not give rise to odours, and the indoor air remains clean.

“I cannot possibly allow wards to be shut for long periods of time for renovation work. So rapid floor refurbishment with nora nTx was the perfect solution for us.” (Petra Günther, Director of the “Glück auf” nursing and care centre, Benndorf).

“Refurbishing the flooring with nora nTx took just two days instead of a week and a half. Moreover, the work was no more expensive for the home than a classic installation.” (Installer, Steffen Marschalek)


Fewer steps in the procedure and no additional costs

Nora nTx also has clear benefits for those carrying out the work. They get all the products they need from the one source, which gives considerable reductions in both installation times and the number of potential flaws. It was the installer who suggested using nora nTx for the refurbishment in the nursing home. “We offered this solution to the home management team, because we think it is ideal for refurbishments”, said Steffen Marschalek. “Because drying times do not accrue, it only took two days instead of a week and half.” When doing this the rapid installation system is no more expensive than classic installation. “We calculated the costs in advance and we were able to offer nora nTx at the same price as a standard installation.”

The management team and the residents were pleased with the new rubber flooring in the “Glück auf” nursing and care centre and so were the cleaners. Due to their extremely dense surface, nora floor coverings do not need require a coating, are extremely easy to clean and fulfil the highest level of hygiene standards. Immediately after the new flooring had been installed, the cleaning personnel were trained on site by nora application engineers - alongside supporting the installation, this training is part of the customer service provided by the rubber specialists from Weinheim. Further features: even after the warranty period has expired, you can contact the nora team at any time to answer any questions or discuss any problems. Quick, efficient and safe: nora nTx is the ideal solution for areas where complex refurbishment is difficult.

Details on nora nTx can be found here.

Data and facts

Building "Glück Auf” nursing and care centre
Installation Year 2015
Fast floor refurbishment in nursing home with nora nTx
nursing and care center after floor refurbishment with noraplan sentica nTx
outdoor photograph


noraplan sentica™

Rubber floor covering with a changing base color of harmoniously matched color components in a smooth surface for heavy traffic areas.

nora® nTx™

nora nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers to lay nora rubber flooring systems.

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