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St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten

St. Marien Kindergarten Supports Healthy Environment that Fosters Creativity

Originally constructed in 1959, St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten, in Schönmattenwag, Germany, cares for 34 children ranging in age from 2 to 6 years. Recent changes to the 58-year-old preschool/childcare facility include the installation of noraplan® lona premium rubber flooring in building classrooms. Selected in part for its low emissions, the floor supports important environmental and health concerns that guide many decisions made by building administrators.

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Teachers have come to appreciate a number of additional benefits, including the floor’s ergonomic properties—so important to young children who play on the floor—and its unusual design—splashes and droplets in a range of colors and patterns reminiscent of abstract painting techniques—that sparks creativity among children. The floor covering also supports slip resistance and better acoustics and features a simple maintenance regimen that requires little more than water and uses no waxes, sealants or harsh cleaners.

As administrators have made improvements to the building over the years, environmental and health factors have influenced their choice of everything, from building materials to toys.  “We are careful to use only low-emission products, such as nonhazardous modelling clay,” says Elfriede Schwöbel, director of the kindergarten. With this in mind, administrators selected low-emitting noraplan® lona premium rubber flooring as part of a recent renovation. Like all nora products, noraplan lona is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for Low VOC Emissions and contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g., chlorine), for improved indoor air quality.

Since the floor was installed in building classrooms, teachers have begun to appreciate additional benefits the new floor covering offers. "Since we’ve had the new noraplan lona rubber flooring laid in our classrooms, the children play on the floor more often," says Schwöbel. She attributes that to the floor’s resilient surface, which provides ergonomic benefits that provide comfort, and its colorful design, which features splashes and droplets in a range of colors. noraplan lona is available in 24 standard colors, with 12 neutral gray, brown and beige tones complemented by 12 attractive accent colors

nora systems, Inc. created noraplan® lona using newly developed technology that allows for a broad range of unique designs. The patterns that result are reminiscent of abstract painting techniques. These patterns and the floor's silk-matte, lightly structured surface bring creative energy and flexibility to classrooms, while offering durability that lasts for decades. Durability is especially important in buildings like this one that experience heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

The floor covering also supports slip resistance and a safer educational journey for students and staff. Additionally, it dampens noise to ensure more pleasant room acoustics and features a simple maintenance regimen that requires little more than water and uses no waxes, sealants or harsh cleaners.

The discreet gray flooring that the St. Marien team selected complements the light-colored wood furniture. Says Schwöbel, "Teachers, parents and children agree: The rooms seem so much friendlier and more inviting with the new flooring."

Data and facts

Building St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten
Installation Year 2016
Photographer Dirk Wilhelmy


noraplan® lona

Rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colors and accents in a lightly structured surface for heavy traffic areas.

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