One Planet. One Goal.

Green is not a color — it’s an attitude, commitment and a priority.

At nora, we are committed to improving the indoor environment of buildings by producing durable, low-emitting rubber floor coverings that also minimize our ecological and environmental operational footprint. While promoting corporate environmental stewardship, nora supports industry standards of environmental responsibility and is able to provide you with long-lasting, sustainable flooring solutions. As the first resilient flooring manufacture to publish a verified Environmental Product Declarations for both norament and noraplan products nora set the standard for others to follow. This commitment was also the case in being the first to carry the Blue Angel for its standard product range and GREENGUARD Gold certifications contributing to a safer indoor environment for our customers. Excellent indoor air quality and an extended life cycle are just a few of the many ways nora helps you create a sustainable design that is in harmony with nature. Our sustainable accessories and maintenance practices also contribute to nora’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. After all, green is not a color – it’s an attitude, commitment and a priority.
Reducing our carbon footprint, as individuals and collectively as an organization is an ongoing commitment.

Raw Materials

Sustainablility with nora rubber

High quality natural rubber, which is made from the sap of a tropical rubber plant and industrial rubber are the basis of our rubber floors. nora floor coverings are also supplemented by raw mineral materials extracted from natural deposits and by environmentally-compatible color pigments. We also insist that our suppliers are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9000 et seq. and ISO 14001. The quality of the raw materials check is regularly verified by independent institutes. 

nora rubber flooring does not contain any phthalate-plasticizers or chlorine-organic compounds. Our customers can expect optimum performance from nora premium rubber flooring with a long technical life cycle, typically 30 years, which reduces the need for frequent removal and disposal. A unique dense, nonporous surface eliminates the need for waxing or coatings, and the harsh chemicals that accompany them for maintenance. It also is the key to bacteriostatic properties. Both the raw materials and the finished products are tested to all global standards, and released according to strict quality standards of nora systems.

Production & Use

Logo Innovative Through Research

Eco-friendly Manufacturing Methods – Made in Germany

As a leading innovator of premium rubber flooring production, nora places great emphasis on environmentally-compatible and conservational manufacturing methods. nora rubber floor coverings are manufactured in state-of-the-art production plants in Weinheim Germany. The production process uses only the absolute necessary amount of energy, obtained with high efficiency through the combined heat and power principle. This is supported by our ISO 50001 energy management certification. The electrical power and process steam are generated in an on-site co-generation plant in an environmentally compatible manner while also utilizing the re-circulation of the cooling water required for the production process to reduce the volume of fresh water consumed. Production scraps are also recycled into useful materials within the plant and returned to the production process.  

For its special commitment to research and development, nora was awarded with the "Innovativ through Research" seal of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. 

Promoting sustainable practices and ideal working characteristics

nora floor coverings do not contain any PVC, phthalate-plasticizers or halogens. Extremely tough and  hard wearing, our sustainable rubber floors have a life expectancy far above the average of other resilient floor coverings. A long life expectancy means conservation of resources, both of our products and of the accessories required to install them. The dense, no-wax surface also ensures the infrequent need to renew, replace or dispose of nora premium rubber floors. nora flooring products are dimensionally stable. There is no need for sealing the seams offering a clean environmentally friendly installation. Because of the superior dimensional stability of the rolls and tiles when they are laid means that the added cost of  heat welding or cold welding is not necessary, but just an option. In an effort to eliminate the number one cause for installation failures; nora developed an innovative new system. nora’s nTx is highly efficient pre-applied adhesive system which is odorless, solvent free and environmentally friendly. nora nTx eliminates the use of wet adhesive systems, and their odors. Other advantages are a substantially faster installation, with less chance for error, together with immediate use to all traffic, with long lasting performance.

Recycling & Reuse


One objective of our processes is to minimize the burden of pollution on people and the environment as much as possible. For example, production leftovers are recycled, packaging materials are selected from an environmental standpoint, and floor coverings that are surplus to requirements are reused. 

Recycling practices that ease the burden and support our resource reduction program.
We have adopted aggressive recycling measures to bring nora’s total manufacturing substance recycling to 100% through multiple recycling channels . They are granulated and become part of the raw material base of new rubber flooring products as high-quality natural fillers and decorative color speckles. We recycle installation scraps and old nora floor coverings in a number of ways:

  • Material Recycling 
    nora rubber flooring can be recycled by specialty firms for use as landing mats, industrial or stable mats and coverings for sports areas.
  • Thermal Recycling
    nora floor coverings can be used as substitute fuel instead of gas or oil in thermal power stations, where the energy contained in the combustible material is recovered. 
  • Complete Material/Thermal Recycling 
    Energy recovery in the cement industry through thermal recycling. The fillers remain in the cement clinker because of their advantageous composition.
  • Disposal in Landfill Sites   
    Since they contain no toxic substances, nora rubber floors can be disposed in landfills. They can also be incinerated, reusing the energy contained in the material. nora always abides by federal, state or local regulations.

Construction Waste Take-Back Program
nora’s Construction Waste Take-Back Program makes it possible to return waste and scrap material from new installations of nora flooring. When we receive the installation scrap waste, the material can be reused in the production of new nora floor coverings, or it is down-cycled into other products. It can also be used to generate energy. 

Recyclable Packaging 

nora floor coverings are available in rolls or tiles. Tiles can be supplied either loose or in cardboard boxes (that are manufactured from waste paper and are 100% recyclable) or on wooden pallets as desired. 

Rolled goods from nora are supplied on hard paper cores made of recycled cardboard - even the secondary packaging of the rolls is made of recyclable paper. Each roll is supplied on wooden pallets that are sealed in recyclable, environmentally-friendly polyethylene film.


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