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nora one: Global system solution for installing rubber floor coverings

Weinheim, October 2018 – nora systems is working continuously to adapt and expand their range of products and system solutions to meet customer requirements. Since October 2018, the company has provided with nora one a globally available system solution for laying rubber floor coverings from a single supplier. The name nora one is primarily intended to reflect the sustainable system concept: Both the floor coverings themselves and the installation materials are low in emissions and are installed in buildings by specially trained floor installers. Customers now receive an extended warranty of eight years on the complete nora system thanks to Indoor Air Comfort GOLD, EMICODE EC1 PLUS and Greenguard Gold certifications as well as the excellent technical properties tested in real-world conditions and verified by Polymer Service GmbH Merseburg. 

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Advantages of nora one

The system solution was comprehensively tested by the experts in Merseburg. They tested the peel strength (adhesive strength), dimensional stability and residual indentation behaviour. nora one considerably surpassed the required standards in all categories. "Where residual indentation occurs on indoor floorings, an individual component, such as the adhesive, is often to blame and not the floor covering itself", explains Uwe Bauer, Head of Application Technology at nora systems. "nora one enables us to completely eliminate problems of this kind." The system solution can be used with all products, including custom designs and inlays.

A growing number of customers are demanding comprehensive system solutions from a single supplier. nora one products are standardised across the world and are extensively geared towards our customers' increased safety requirements: Architects, planning offices and builders alike can be sure that our products and laying services are of a uniformly high quality from Berlin, to New York and Dubai. "The perfect coordination of the individual, system-tested nora one components guarantees outstanding functional safety" explains Simon Rau, Product Manager at nora systems. "As reliable partners, we support our customers before, during and after the floors have been laid." Our services range from expert tendering support to installation by floor layers trained specially by nora and technical support for questions concerning cleaning and maintenance of nora floor coverings, for example. The extended eight-year guarantee applies to all complete-system components including the installation materials and the rubber floor covering. Installing flooring made from high-quality materials maintains the value of a property in the long term.

A crucial contribution to building certification

"The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the construction industry", adds Rau. nora one makes a significant contribution to fulfilling essential criteria of building certification line with LEED or DGNB. For instance, the low-emission floor coverings and installation materials of the nora one concept can be used to fulfil the criteria of the LEED rating system. The DGNB certification system promotes the use of products with the lowest possible environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle. nora floor coverings and installation materials achieve the highest quality standards, particularly with regard to the local environment. The main objective of this standard is to reduce, eliminate or substitute all materials and (building) products that could impair or harm humans, plants and animals. The use of particularly eco-friendly materials contributes significantly to improving indoor air quality and also helps to limit the risk of renovating buildings with regard to harmful substances. nora one components help to achieve an optimum assessment for this criterion (ENV 1.2).*

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About nora systems

nora systems develops, produces and markets high-quality, elastic floor coverings as well as shoe components under the nora® brand. The company, which has its headquarters in the German town of Weinheim, was created from Freudenberg Bausysteme KG in 2007 and, as the global market leader, has shaped the development of rubber floor coverings for many years. With its more than 1,000 employees, nora systems generated a turnover of €229.1 million in 2017. In 2018, nora systems was acquired by Interface Inc., Atlanta (USA). Interface is the world's largest manufacturer of modular carpet tiles for the commercial sector.

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