nora floorings support the colour concept of LEGO House, Billund

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LEGO House features nora rubber floors in unique shade

Where creativity knows no bounds

Everyone knows them, loves them and had at least one box of them as a child. We‘re talking about LEGO building blocks. The creative modular system whose success story began in 1932 in the Danish town of Billund continues to delight young and old alike. The small town in Denmark, home to the world‘s first Legoland, has been enriched by yet another attraction since September 2017 – the spectacular LEGO House designed by the famous architectural firm BIG -– Bjarke Ingels Group. The 23-meter-high complex consists of 21 stacked boxes and, covering a total area of 12,000 square meters, allows fans from all over the world to feel the magic of the LEGO universe and discover LEGO all year round. The building, which was worked on for about four years, houses around 25 million LEGO bricks, which visitors can use have fun with in four different color-coded adventure zones. The color concept of these individual areas uses the classic LEGO colors, each of which represents a special aspect of children‘s playing and learning: Red stands for ingenuity and spontaneous, free-form creativity, blue for cognitive learning, green for role-playing as well as storytelling and yellow for the emotions that are part of the game. When it came to the choice in floor coverings, too, the architectural office paid close attention to matching the floors with the aforementioned LEGO colors, deciding in favor of the solution from nora systems due to the positive properties of nora’s rubber floors, such as environmental sustainability, robustness, and ease of cleaning. These can be adapted on a large scale to individual and customer-specific color design requirements, even if they are outside the standard range. Finally, nora‘s complete solution won them over, and the nora steptreads fit seamlessly into the overall design and create a seamless transition into the different color worlds of Lego.

To show one’s true colors

In the planning of the LEGO House, it was especially important to design the exhibition areas as well as the public spaces while taking into account the values and colors of the LEGO brand and combining these aspects. „The colors, especially the most important colors of the Lego bricks – red, blue, yellow and green – play an important role here and are used in the play areas on the first and second floors, where they reflect the different aspects of child learning,“ explained Finn Nørgaard, project manager and partner of BIG. In addition to the matching furniture, it was also a major concern of the Danish architectural group to get the floor covering in the appropriate color. „We wanted a smooth, solidcolored floor in the main LEGO colors for the adventure areas. We also needed a black and white floor for both the historical collection and the Masterpiece Gallery, which is an exhibition area for particularly outstanding LEGO creations,” Nørgaard continued. more

Making the customer’s wish come true

The company nora systems, which has already realized a project with LEGO in China in 2015, quickly turned out to be the ideal partner for color design and customization. The nora development team confidently set itself the task of creating the desired color shades. “Our task was to exactly match the four LEGO specific shades as well as another three shades per main shade – that‘s a total of twelve shades,” explained Arnold Ungar from the Design Department at nora systems. “Although it was a long process, after about three rounds of voting, it was finally time and we had the right shades and once again proved that we do everything humanly possible to implement individual customer requirements,” Ungar added. The black and white variant that was additionally requested could be taken from the standard assortment. And so the LEGO House in Denmark now has around 6,000 square meters of noraplan® uni in a wonderfully colorful mix – perfectly reflecting the spirit of the LEGO philosophy. Moreover, the seamless installation creates a pleasant, spacious room feeling.

Proven nora quality

Further requirements from the toy manufacturer for the floor covering were longevity and the possibility of easy cleaning. The rubber floor coverings from nora impressed once again: Due to their leakproof surface, the “Made in Germany” floors are particularly wearresistant and require no coatings, which makes them easy and economical to clean. Another plus: They are low in emissions and have been awarded all the internationally significant environmental certificates. And because they contain no plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens, they contribute significantly to a healthy and pleasant indoor climate in the LEGO House. In addition, the nora coverings provide excellent ergonomics and acoustics. This makes them very comfortable and almost noiseless – a factor that should not be underestimated in a relatively large public building that has large, open spaces and some long corridors. “With their uniform, smooth, color-coordinated surface, the rubber coverings blend in perfectly with our design concept and harmonize with their surroundings. nora hit the mark with the color hues – and that, in combination with the product features, was and is the perfect solution,” Nørgaard said. This makes Denmark’s unique LEGO House a new architectural landmark in the eyes architects and building owners and a prime example of innovation and creativity.

Data and facts

Building The LEGO House
Owner LEGO Group
Architect BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
Installation Year 2017
Photographer Henrik Jacobsen /
nora floor coverings can be adapted on a large scale to individual and customer-specific colour design requirements
LEGO House in Billund (DK): a reference for nora floor coverings
noraplan uni in a wonderfully colorful mix perfectly reflecting the spirit of the LEGO philosophy
nora floorings support the colour concept of LEGO House, Billund


noraplan® uni

Rubber flooring one-coloured

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