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Economic analysis of flooring shows that investment costs represent only a small part of total costs. Up to 90% of the costs will only be incurred later, in its useable life. These include regularly recurring protective film restoration, basic cleaning, the application of new coatings, and the associated downtime costs. norament and noraplan, in contrast, are uniquely economical over their useable life thanks to their low follow-up costs.

Life cycle Cost (LCC) comparision: noraplan®


Life cycle Cost (LCC) comparision: norament®

Details and source: nora systems GmbH
Presumed cleaning scenario for 1,000 sqm surface and 15 years.
noraplan: typical scenario for areas with average stress, such as a kindergarten.
norament: typical scenario for areas with heavy dirt influx and high mechanical stress, such as a school foyer.

Uncoated is much more economical

The leakproof, dense surface of norament and noraplan requires no coating. This means you are spared not only the cost of an initial coating but also the time- and cost-intensive coating renovations that other flooring requires. This includes the removal of the old coating, the basic cleaning of the floor, and the application of the new coating. Such new coatings must generally be performed several times during the useable life of the product. As norament and noraplan require none of this, they are much more economical in the long term.

Clear water, clear advantage

With the nora pads we have developed, you can restore the appearance of norament and noraplan flooring systems easily with clear water and a conventional single-disk machine. No detergents, no aggressive chemicals, no coating: norament and noraplan floor coverings are as economical as they are ecological. Considering the entire life of the flooring, considerable savings in cleaning chemicals are achieved. In addition, nora pads can restore the original attractive appearance of highly worn surfaces, which will then be as good as new. A clear advantage for the sustainability of your floor coverings.

Laszlo Eifert

For economy in hospitals

László Eifert, construction supervisor for the architectural firm Ludes, Recklinghausen, which specializes in hospital construction:

“The main consideration for hospital flooring is how cost-effective it will be in regular use. The durability and ease of cleaning associated with the rubber flooring were the decisive factors for our architectural firm when we chose nora.”

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