Durable Flooring that Stands the Test of Time

Nachhaltige Schule

Your students and teachers need a sustainable learning environment that can stand up to heavy multipurpose years of use. Wear-resistant nora rubber is manufactured for superior elasticity and density, providing a cost-efficient flooring solution that delivers reliable, easy-to-maintain value, year after year. In many settings, nora rubber has been on the job for more than 30 years and still maintains a flawless appearance.

Save district budgets by eliminating unnecessary renovation work and make your important learning spaces enduringly usable and sustainable.

Durable floors save time and money

The learning spaces in your facility must possess a high level of tolerance – especially when it comes to the floors. Countless feet walking, moving of chairs and desks in the collaborative classroom, it can all take a lot out of the floor covering. Rubber, being a remarkably durable raw material, demonstrates its longevity benefits over the long product life cycle.

The dense non-porous surface of norament and noraplan doesn’t require any coating ever – which translates to incredible savings when it comes to maintenance costs. The typical cost-intensive recoating standard for other resilient floor coverings need not apply. 

University of Bielefeld

Enduring beauty and timeless design

A welcoming and vibrant environment has a positive influence on both the atmosphere and learning outcomes in a school. With more than 300 color, design, and surface variants in the standard product range, nora rubber offers a broad spectrum for designing rooms in a striking, fanciful, and individual way.

Different colour plays, surfaces, and structures facilitate room for creativity and the creation of an ambiance of comfort. With their timeless design, the robust rubber floors don’t lose their attractiveness, even after decades. A good example of this is the University of Bielefeld. There, the wear-resistant nora rubber floors have proved themselves for over 30 years. 

Easy and efficient cleaning

Where there are students, there are messes – spills in the cafeteria, paint in the art room, glue in the classroom, chemicals in the lab. Clean ability of your surroundings is a top priority as it contributes to the wellbeing of everyone working and learning in your school.

The dense non-porous surface of norament and noraplan rubber naturally repels stains, liquids, and any possible damage from the inevitable messes that happen. The absence of wax, and chemical cleaners that are unnecessary to use with norament and noraplan rubber, further supports a cleaner, healthier space for all. 

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