nora: Revolutionary nora nTx Reduces Flooring Installation Time

nora nTx

Contractors are faced with stretched budgets and tight construction schedules, challenging them to find ways to streamline or eliminate time-consuming methods during the build or renovation. Flooring contractors can save time and money by excluding the time-consuming subfloor preparation and costly moisture mitigation procedures.

Reduce Costs, Labor and Installation Time

nora premium rubber flooring offers nora nTx, a flooring solution that saves time, reduces costs and minimizes disruptions where the flooring is installed.

Compared to standard PVC sheet and linoleum flooring, nora nTx reduces flooring installation time by as much as 50 percent. Additionally, floors can be cleaned or walked on immediately after installation, providing quicker turnaround time for building owners.

For renovation projects, building owners can dramatically shorten the renovation process and save money by choosing this flooring system, which can be installed directly on top of existing floor coverings that are well-adhered to the subfloor.

Increase Flooring Quality Without Increasing Investment

nTx is made possible through a pre-applied, environmentally compatible, solvent-free adhesive layer, which eliminates the use of a separate, messy, time-consuming wet adhesive system and removes odors that negatively impact indoor air quality.

Because nora nTx is resistant to elevated slab moisture and concrete alkalinity, subfloor preparation and costly moisture mitigation procedures are not necessary. Instead, it can be installed immediately over high-moisture concrete and nonporous concrete slabs.

Removing the need for traditional flooring installation tactics does not affect nora’s long-lasting durability and simple maintenance regimen. Architects, building owners and contractors no longer need to compromise on flooring product selection to satisfy time and budget constraints.

For more information on the first complete resilient flooring system that addresses all significant construction challenges, including budgets, installation time, concrete moisture and system complexity, download our [Revolutionary nora nTx white paper revolutionary nora nTx white paper.

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