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nora one installation system: construction from subfloor to floor covering

Utilization of low-emission materials in your healing, learning, and working spaces is becoming ever more essential. To meet this need, we have developed nora one.

nora one: A fully certified flooring system

nora one provides the best possible solution for semi-wet bonding of rubber floor coverings. The combination of low-emission nora floors with suitable floor installation products and flooring installers specially trained by nora form a certified complete system.

This low-emission complete system is certified in line with Indoor Air Comfort GOLD. This eliminates harmful interactions between the separate elements. The individual components have also been awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate.

nora also provides an extended warranty period of eight years on this coordinated complete system.

nora one: Certified complete flooring system with extended warranty

Your one stop shop to ensure low emissions – a summary

Whether your space is for healing, learning, or working, nora one is the right decision.

  • nora one  system concept composed of certified floor covering and installation materials.
  • The perfect coordination of the individual system components safeguards functional security.
  • With the help of the nora application technologies, installation work can be monitored and documented withoutissue.
  • Partner cooperation and transparent documentation give you legal certainty.
  • The extended eight-year product guarantee gives you even more security.

nora one – Contribution to building certification

nora one makes a major contribution towards the fulfi llment of key building certifi cation criteria.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

LEED is a rating system for sustainable construction developed and applied by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the construction, planning and operation of sustainable buildings. Our low-emission fl oor coverings and fl oor laying products can, for example, be used to fulfi ll the criteria of the LEED rating system.


DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen)
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The DGNB promotes the use of products with the lowest possible environmental impact across their entire life cycle. The council evaluate buildings by compiling ecological assessments. nora fl oor coverings and the appropriate fl oor laying products meet the requirements for the highest quality level, particularly with regard to the local environment, and contribute to achieving an optimum evaluation for this criteria (ENV 1.2).

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Sustainability and Certificats around nora floorings

We take our responsibilities towards the environment and society extremely seriously. Various independent facilities have confirmed this to us in the form of different certificates and awards, not just in Germany but in other countries as well.

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