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Marien-Hospital, Marl

High-tech in blue

Futuristic blue design combined with state-of-the-art communications and lighting technology; the two completely renovated operating theatres at the Marien Hospital in Marl, which went into operation at the beginning of 2011, fulfil the most sophisticated technological and design specifications.

The Marien Hospital with around 660 employees treats more than 10,000 in-patients and about 12,500 out-patients every year. The hospital belongs to KKRN, Katholisches Klinikum Ruhrgebiet Nord GmbH, the largest clinic operator in the northern Ruhr region. Alongside the provision of the very best possible medical care, the operators regard attention as being a vital factor for the well-being of its patients, with “medicine with a human touch” as one of the basic principles of the KKRN.

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Lighting effects in the operating theatre

The key innovation in the new operating theatres is the integrated documentation and communication capability. The staff can record images and video sequences directly in the operating theatre, and findings and reports can also be written there and immediately stored in the patient‘s digital file. The ambience makes a major contribution to the pleasant atmosphere in the OP theatre. “The colour blue has a reassuring and relaxing effect on people,” explains Keyvan Tat, the project manager at the Düsseldorf architects TMK responsible for the project. The walls of the two renovated operating theatres are glazed in a shimmering shade of blue and flow into an LED light strip, which can generate red, yellow, green or blue lighting effects as desired.

Floor covering protects people and appliances

The floor covering installed in the new operating theatres at the Marien Hospital also had to fulfil extremely demanding specifications. It needed to be resistant to chemicals, robust and easy to clean, as well as being capable of conducting electrostatic discharges. Electrostatically dissipative floor coverings protect not only the OP staff against the ignition of gas/air mixtures such as anaesthetic gases, but they also safeguard sensitive electronic appliances against malfunctioning. “norament 928 grano ed fulfils all of these stringent specifications,” reasoned the building developer, deciding in favour of the rubber floor covering from nora systems.

Resilient floorings are kind to the spine

Another advantage of nora floor coverings is their extreme durability. A covering like norament 928 grano ed with its thickness of 3.5 mm spreads the concentrated mechanical strain created by rolling heavy appliances in the operating theatre, for example, evenly across the subsurface, preventing it from being damaged. “The resilience of the floor enhances the standing comfort for the surgeons and OP staff and is gentle on the spine and muscles,” explains the head of the OP. The ergonomic floor covering, which is installed in light and darker shades of grey, is also visually appealing and forms an attractive contrast to the blue glazed walls of the OP area. “We have been successfully working together with nora systems for many years now,” confirms Tat, as the main accident and emergency department, the dialysis and intensive care units, as well as parts of the doctors’ residence at the Marien Hospital, had already been fitted with nora floor coverings prior to the renovation of the two operating theatres. The successful cooperation is being continued; other sections of the OP wing have been undergoing redevelopment since the beginning of 2011, and the successful product norament 928 grano ed is being installed there as well.

Data and facts

Building Marien-Hospital, Marl, Germany
Owner KKRN Katholisches Klinikum Ruhrgebiet Nord GmbH www.kkrn.de
Market Segment Healthcare
Products norament® 926 grano
Architect TMK Düsseldorf, www.tmk-architekten.de
Installation Year 2010
OP Saal neutrale Belichtung
OP Saal Ambientlight Orange
OP Saal Ambientlight Rot
OP Saal Ambientlight Gruen
OP Saal Ambientlight Blau


norament® 926 grano

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and a granular design rich in contrast

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