dementia-sensitive living environment with noraplan sentica flooring

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Maggenberg residential care home: A stimulus-free environment for well-being

Residents feel at home here

The peaceful village of Tafers is situated around ten kilometres east of Fribourg in Switzerland, and is where Maggenberg hill and its residential care home of the same name is located. With magnificent views of the Fribourg Alps and surrounded by inviting footpaths and seating options, Maggenberg residential care home is without doubt one of the most attractive institutions in this German-speaking part of the canton of Fribourg. Following a large-scale refurbishment in 2016 and 2017, the home now provides care for 92 residents, primarily in single rooms, as well as several double rooms shared by siblings or couples. All rooms are modernly furnished and feature a wet room with a shower and toilet. Since the rooms, corridors and staff canteen all needed new flooring at the time of the refurbishment, rubber flooring by nora systems seemed the obvious choice. This was chosen because the flooring needed not only to be durable, slip-resistant and easy to clean, but also provide acoustic and visual benefits. nora systems rubber flooring meets all of these requirements at the highest level.

A dementia-sensitive living environment

A special feature of Maggenberg residential care home is without doubt its Magnolia dementia unit. The facility provides a particularly spacious and protected environment for residents with dementia. The special living and care facilities benefit from textures and special colour designs helping dementia sufferers to feel safe and at ease. The choice of flooring also plays an important role since the visual aspects are just as important as the functional properties. “It was particularly important to find as plain and low-contrast a flooring as possible for our dementia unit. Dementia sufferers have a tendency to continuously try and wipe off any distinctive features on a floor, such as granules”, explains managing director Guido Hagen. “That’s why the noraplan® sentica flooring by nora systems was the perfect solution for our dementia unit. It contains no striking patterns, which has a positive impact on the behavioural problems typical of dementia sufferers such as unrest and an urge to move”, adds Hagen. In addition to a plain design, the colour of the dementia unit flooring was also highly important. “We opted for a warm, beige tone that radiates peace and helps contribute to the well-being of our residents”, said Hagen. more

Everyday rubber flooring

As well as noraplan® sentica, other flooring was installed at the Maggenberg residential care home, including noraplan® valua for some of the corridors and rooms and norament® arago for the staff canteen. “Both noraplan® valua and norament® arago look great with their special texture and contribute hugely to the atmosphere of well-being in the home”, says Hagen. Apart from the visual aspects, another plus point for care home management were the extremely resistant properties of the rubber flooring. Despite the large number of wheelchair and zimmer frame users, the flooring continues to look good after long periods of use and shows virtually no wear marks. Add to that the fact that nora flooring is highly slip-resistant and this greatly enhances safety throughout the Maggenberg care home.

Pleasant acoustics

In addition to those aspects mentioned above, pleasant acoustics are also important for a successful feel-good atmosphere at the units as well as in the staff canteen. nora flooring has plenty to offer here, too. “For example, the norament® arago flooring that was installed in our canteen has the appearance of stone but with all the practical benefits of rubber”, explains Hagen. As a result, the durable elasticity of the flooring significantly reduces walking noise. This reduction in noise level, which influences the well-being of care home residents and staff, should not be underestimated.

Cost-effective to boot

As is known in the nursing home industry, the balance between a comfortable environment and cost-effectiveness is always taken into consideration. While the building or renovation of care homes is continuously geared towards the residents’ needs for a comfortable environment, the costs and pressure for more efficiency for the facility itself also rise. This difficult balance between these various demands was evident with the refurbishment of the Maggenberg residential care home. “When it comes to flooring in care home facilities, cost-effectiveness plays a large role in everyday operations. nora flooring makes a decisive contribution in this area since it is not only highly resistant but also easy and economical to clean”, said Hagen. “But that’s not all: we were pleasantly surprised by the extremely fast installation of the nora flooring in the staff canteen, causing virtually no disruptions to our daily business”, concludes the managing director.

Data and facts

Building Maggenberg resitential care home, Tafers, Switzerland
Products noraplan® sentica, noraplan® valua, norament® 926 arago
Architect Von Allmen Architekten AG, Bern
Installation Year 2017
Photographer Dirk Wilhelmy
Installer Schöni+SprungerAG (noraplan® sentica and norament® arago). Daniel Fournier AG (Sven Reuter, Marcell Schaid)
canteen with norament arago: appearance of stone with all the practical benefits of rubber
norament arago flooring in staff canteen, Care Home Maggenberg, Tafers
noraplan valua floor-covering, care and nursing home, common room
Comfortable environment and cost-effectiveness in care home facility with noraplan valua floor-covering
flooring dementia unit: plain and low-contrast: noraplan sentica
care home: dementia patient's room. Flooring with low contrast surface
residential care home, corridor with floor covering noraplan valua
reference for nora rubber floor coverings: care home Maggenberg, Tafers, Switzerland


noraplan® sentica

Rubber floor covering with a changing base colour of harmoniously matched colour components.

noraplan® valua

Rubber floor covering with an organic texture in 24 colours inspired by nature.

norament® 926 arago

Flat, direction-oriented relief structure with fine granules and modern marbling design for maximum demands. No two tiles are the same – each square meter is totally unique.

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