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St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten

The children Play on the floor now

As far as this teacher is concerned, the difference was instantly noticeable: “Since we’ve had the new noraplan lona rubber flooring laid in our classrooms, the children play on the floor more often”, observed Elfriede Schwöbel, head of the St. Marien Catholic kindergarten in Schönmattenwag, southern Hesse. No wonder – not only is the rubber floor extremely resistant and eco-friendly, its unusual design and high ergonomic comfort create a feelgood atmosphere. Like all floor coverings from nora systems, noraplan lona is made completely of rubber and is as warm underfoot as it is bouncy. Moreover, it contains no plasticizers (phthalates), thus ensuring healthy air indoors. There were many reasons for those in charge at St. Marien’s to lay noraplan lona in their rooms straight after its launch.

Health-friendly and comfortable

The St. Marien Kindergarten cares for 34 children aged from two to pre-school age in two groups. Dating back to 1959, the building’s energy system was completely renovated two years ago, including the installation of new, energy-saving heating. The kindergarten management generally puts a strong emphasis on environmental and health factors – in toys as well as building materials. “We are careful to use only low-emission products, such as non-hazardous modelling clay,” stresses Schwöbel. The low-emission noraplan lona fits the bill perfectly. As the first elastic floor covering, nora rubber floorings was given the “Blue Angel...protects environment and health” award as early as 2006. In particular, low-emission eco-friendly flooring is a must for small children who play a lot on the floor. However, the permanent elastic rubber floor has many other advantages: It is extremely slip resistant and absorbs the impact in falls. If a child stumbles and falls, they will not get hurt. The rubber also dampens noise, thus ensuring pleasant room acoustics.


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Creativity on the floor

When developing noraplan lona, advanced technology opened up entirely fresh creativity in interior design. The seemingly random splashes and drips form patterns that are reminiscent of abstract painting techniques. This is possible due to a special manufacturing method: The requested design is incorporated into the covering during vulcanisation at a high temperature and under heavy pressure – for a permanently attractive look even after decades. This is a particularly great advantage for highly frequented buildings such as kindergartens and daycare centres and helps ensure long-lasting retention of a property’s value. noraplan® lona is available in the standard range in 24 different colours. The twelve neutral grey, brown and beige tones are complemented by twelve attractive accent colours which are bright yet at the same time muted. The team at St. Marien Kindergarten decided on a noraplan ® lona in a more discreet grey, the perfect match for the light-coloured wood furniture. Teachers, parents and children were unanimous: “The rooms seem so much friendlier and more inviting with the new flooring.”

Data and facts

Building St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten
Installation Year 2016
Photographer Dirk Wilhelmy


noraplan® lona

Rubber flooring in a filigree design with contrasting colors and accents. Silk-matte surface with subtle texture and visual depth.

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