Outstanding floor coverings for outstanding educational facilities


Whether it’s grade school, a university, or a private kindergarten, educational institutions today are competing for the confidence of parents, children, and educators. This confidence can be shaken by news reports about bad room air. Keep this from happening at your by avoiding emissions from the outset.

Good indoor air quality begins with the floor

Due to the large area it covers, flooring has a significant impact on emissions in a room. For a healthy learning environment, nora rubber floors are ideal, because they have been tested for emissions and are free from plasticizers (especially phthalates). Moreover, they contain no chlorine-based organic compounds.

That means you are on the safe side

nora rubber floor coverings meet the “Blue Angel” health protection requirements for low emissions, as well as many other international environmental standards ((link to environmental standards)). You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have done everything you can to ensure a healthy learning environment for children, students, teachers, and caregivers.

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nora one — one flooring system, one partner one warranty — one safe solution

nora one provides the best possible solution for semi-wet bonding of rubber floor coverings. The combination of low-emission nora floors with suitable floor installation products and flooring installers specially trained by nora form a certified complete system.

This low-emission complete system is certified in line with Indoor Air Comfort GOLD. This eliminates harmful interactions between the separate elements. The individual components have also been awarded the Greenguard Gold certificate.

nora also provides an extended warranty period of eight years on this coordinated complete system.


Top marks for sustainable construction

nora systems GmbH is one of the founders and an active member of the German Sustainable Building Council e.V. (DGNB). The DGNB has developed a system that rates building in the categories of ecology, economy, and quality, among others, and thus makes it possible to compare the sustainability of different solutions. nora rubber floors always receive top marks in these ratings. 

Toxic indoor air: the solution lies in the right building concept

Infographic: Building design and indoor air

The graphic illustrates that energy-optimized construction can control interior air pollution.