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Our Strategy

Our brand promise is “Creating Safer Spaces”. We create integral solutions for our customers, which go well beyond our highly functional rubber floor coverings. This is why we carefully analyse the requirements of our customers in the market segments which are demonstrating strong growth, namely health care and education, industrial and public buildings as well as the transport system.

We find solutions with added value in every phase of installing a floor, examining the complete lifecycle of the floor and the resulting requirements placed on it. On this basis we fit our floors with additional benefits increasing their value. For example our floors contribute to improved employee health as a result of ergonomic considerations. Our colour concepts are discussed with scientists to support colour schemes promoting healing in hospitals. In addition, our cleaning experts are involved with new long-term cleaning approaches without using cleaning products.

As a global team we have set ourselves the task of making the floor an added value solution for our customers. This is the extra certainty appreciated by our customers when they work with us.

Our Values

Customer Orientation
nora resolutely stands for premium quality. We aim to always create a sustainable and unique value for our customers; only when they are absolutely satisfied, can we be as well. We achieve this not only with our products, but also by steadfastly supporting our customers and partners through the planning and realization of their projects. In doing so, we adapt our services to accommodate our customers’ individual needs.

As a team, we know that commitment and a sense of responsibility and reliability are essential if we are to work together successfully. Our day-to-day dealings with one another are defined by mutual respect, both within the company and with our external partners and customers.

We not only produce and sell our products, we embody them. Quality, innovativeness, sustainability and a high utility value for our customers are just a few of the sound reasons for why we do so. This is made possible because we cultivate an honest and constructive working atmosphere. Our absolute priority vis-à-vis our business partners is loyalty and that is why we have been enjoying the trust of our customers for over seven decades.

Open Mindedness
Ongoing development is a prerequisite for our continued existence as a company. Our innovative spirit is not just restricted to developing new products. We believe that being innovative means continuously learning in all areas, from the markets, from our customers and from one another.

Our roots may lie in Germany, but we think and act internationally. Responsibility is not just a word for us, it is our guiding principle and encompasses the reliability of our employees, our sense of duty towards them, the environment and our society as a whole.

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