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Partnerships and initiatives benefit all of our stakeholders.

We take our responsibilities towards the environment and society extremely seriously. Various independent organizations have confirmed this in the form of different certificates and awards, not just in Germany but in all our core regions.


Our environmental certifications and awards provide legitimacy to our environmental and social responsibility initiatives. nora works diligently to exceed the needs of our employees, customers and community through environmentally-responsible policies, processes and products. As a result, our sustainable goals benefit the people we serve as they strive in their endeavors to be a greener part of society. In the field of the environment and sustainability, nora systems is one of the leading companies in its industry.


By partnering with external organizations that share our commitment to sustainability, we ensure that our products and services protect both the environment and everyone who comes in contact with our flooring. As a founding member and an active participant of the German Green Building Council (DGNB), as well as many green building councils around the world, along with other environmental organizations nora shares a common commitment to greener products with zero negative impact to human health. When you become a business partner with nora, you'll experience the reassurance of knowing you're working with a company who cares about the environment as much as it cares about your needs. 

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