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Our Motivation – vision, mission, strategy, value

Walk the talk – within the framework of an integrative process, we have put our vision, mission, and values to the test over the past two years, and have revised them together. As a globally operating mid-sized company, it is important for us that all parts of the company are synchronized and develop the same dynamic together. With this networking and agility we create competitive advantages for our customers.

Vision & Mission

In the team, we have created an objective for nora – our vision – that motivates us. We have defined our inner drive within the framework of the mission. We consistently implement these elements across all areas of the company, as this is the only way to create lasting competitive advantages for our customers.

The nora vision

On the basis of our history - rubber flooring solutions - our new products and services ensure that the special requirements of our global customers are met at all times. We create a great deal of added value for our international customers by bringing our know-how to projects and innovative solutions. Our customers have the secure feeling that they have made the right decision in every respect, and that they have the right partner at their side for the long term.

The nora mission 

We have the right attitude: 

We are absolutely customer-oriented across all functional areas within the company. We live our corporate values and all functional areas are closely networked. This is how we create positive customer experiences at all levels. We all work consistently towards a common goal: the highest level of customer service in all of our focus markets. 

We support and encourage motivated employees: 

With our team-oriented, talented, and motivated employees we achieve lasting success!

Corporate strategy

The nora strategy defines the overall direction of our company as we achieve sustainable business success and competitive advantages.

Our goal is to become the most profitable and sustainable global provider of interior design solutions for customers in all of our focus markets and market segments.
We measure profitability in customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and financial results with EBITDA.

For us, sustainability means actively working to achieve a balance between business, society, and the environment.

Global, for us, means being active wherever our corporate values, policies, and strategies add value to our customers.

We work market segments in a structured manner in our core markets (healthcare, education, industry, and transportation facilities) by making end customers into long-term partners. Here, we concentrate on key decision-makers in each respective segment.
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The nora strategy 

nora management about nora's goals and visions.

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Our values are the essential guidelines for all of the actions of everyone here at nora.

Customer Orientation
nora resolutely stands for premium quality. We aim to always create a sustainable and unique value for our customers; only when they are absolutely satisfied, can we be as well. We achieve this not only with our products, but also by steadfastlysupporting our customers and partners through the planning and realization of their projects. In doing so, we adapt our services to accommodate our customers’ individual needs.

As a team, we know that commitment and a sense of responsibility and reliability are essential if we are to work together successfully. Our day-to-day dealings with one another are defined by mutual respect, both within the company and with our external partners and customers.

We not only produce and sell our products, we embody them. Quality, innovativeness, sustainability and a high utility value for our customers are just a few of the sound reasons for why we do so. This is made possible because we cultivate an honest and constructive working atmosphere. Our absolute priority vis-à-vis our business partners is loyalty and that is why we have been enjoying the trust of our customers for over seven decades.

Open Mindedness

Ongoing development is a prerequisite for our continued existence as a company. Our innovative spirit is not just restricted to developing new products. We believe that being innovative means continuously learning in all areas, from the markets, from our customers and from one another.

Our roots may lie in Germany, but we think and act internationally. Responsibility is not just a word for us, it is our guiding principle and encompasses the reliability of our
employees, our sense of duty towards them, the environment and our society as a whole.

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