architecture for children's hospitals, playful and creative concept at EMC Perinatal Center Ekatrinburg, Russia

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Perinatal Center EMC: For a Healthy Start in Life

The European Medical Center (EMC UGMK-Health) is the largest private medical organization in Ural Region of Russia, offering various services, including the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, for children and adults in almost all areas of medicine. Only modern technologies and materials were used in the construction of the associated clinics in order to meet all European requirements for healthcare technology. The EMC UGMKHealth has several units, including the main facility, the Family Polyclinic, the Children’s Polyclinic, the Tibetan Medicine Centre, two multi-purpose polyclinics, the Cognitive Technology Centre, and the newest Perinatal Centre, which opened in late 2019 in Ekaterinburg. A high-tech perinatal centre with a cosy atmosphere was created with a view to turning birth into one of life’s most beautiful memories. Advanced technology, a fully equipped intensive care unit and, of course, highly qualified medical staff also ensure safety and psychological comfort. The centre, with a total area of 28,000 square metres, offers a whole range of services for pregnancy planning, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, assistance in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and birth activities. In addition, the Perinatal Centre offers comprehensive postnatal care for mother and child. Furthermore, the building has four operating theatres, a department for children’s infectious diseases, an in-patient department, an emergency room, a children’s polyclinic, a women’s consultation room and an in-patient department for adults.

Skilful interplay of colours and furnishing

The clinic was designed by a German architectural company; the design was then later adapted and implemented together with the doctors. Rubber floor coverings from nora systems were chosen and installed in different colours in corridors, reception areas, the cafeteria, etc. These colours can be found in all interior elements, from walls and floors to furniture and decorative objects. In interior design, the colour scheme has a decisive influence on harmonious and pleasant room decoration. Colours often have a strong effect on people and trigger different emotions. For this reason, the designers chose to use warm-looking tones, including beige, yellow, orange and green to create a comfortable ambiance for mother and child. With over 300 colours in the standard range, nora has it covered when it comes to colours. And should a different colour be required that is not offered in the standard range, individual special colours can be developed for a customer’s project.

Inlays as a stylish design element

A pleasant shade of beige from the noraplan signa collection was chosen as the basic colour for all areas. Depending on the area of application, the designers accentuated the base material with inlays in different colours from the noraplan signa and noraplan sentica collections to achieve creative floor elements. In some areas, for example, there are curved elements that are reminiscent of petals and thus create an aesthetically elegant accent. In other areas, playful elements such as paws and seahorses were used to appeal to children. With 48 matching colours, special technical features and a comprehensive range of accessories such as skirtings or hollow profiles for raised floors, the noraplan signa product line offers everything for harmonious interior design from a single source. more

Combining sustainability and comfort

Stylish design and high functionality need not be a contradiction in terms when designing hospitals. Due to their extremely dense surface, noraplan signa and noraplan sentica are robust and durable. Even after decades of use, rubber flooring shows virtually no sign of wear and remains at the forefront in terms of life cycle costs and sustainability: The less often a floor needs to be replaced, the better its ecological footprint. Thanks to their permanent elasticity, the rubber floor coverings also relieve strain on the back and joints – a great relief for doctors and nursing staff who spend hours on their feet. The good acoustic properties of nora floors also contribute to the pleasant atmosphere. The floors reduce walking noises as well as the sound of rolling food trolleys, thus ensuring quieter corridors.

The basis for perfect hygiene

The protection against germs also concerns the building materials with which a hospital is equipped. Due to the large area that the floor occupies in the rooms, it is an important element of hygiene measures. Resistance to disinfectants and other chemicals is also of decisive importance. Here, too, the rubber floors score points as they can be desinfected without demaging the surface.

Easy and uncomplicated cleaning

One of the biggest challenges when cleaning floors in a hospital is that there are usually only short time slots available. Cleaning must therefore be fast and effective. This is where noraplan floor coverings are ideal since they do not require a permanent coating and are easy to clean. Moreover, no aggressive cleaning detergents are required. Upkeep is thus extremely low and the cleaning results are excellent.

Finally, it can be noted that in the EMC UGMK-Health Ekaterinburg, nora floor coverings contribute in many ways to a health-promoting environment - for both patients and employees.

Data and facts

Building Perinatal Center EMC UGMK-Health Ekaterinburg
Installation Year 2019
Photographer Evimov Vyacheslav Leonidovich
Products Inlays, noraplan® signa, noraplan® senticanorament® satura, nora® accessories, over 13,600 m²
colour concept in hospital: the colours can be found in all interior elements, from walls and floors to furniture and decorative objects
patient room for mother and newborn concept at Perinatal Center EMC UGMK-Health Ekatrinburg
health center, corridor decoration in lavender
waiting zone in hospital, flooring decoration with curved elements that are reminiscent and thus create an elegant accent
nora reference EMC UGMK-Health Ekatrinburg, Russia
hospital planning for children: seahorses as playfull elements created as inlays in the flooring
hospital flooring: paws as playfull elements accenturate the floor and appeal to children
cafeteria in Perinatal Center with nora rubber flooring
pleasant room decoration in hospital with noraplan flooring


norament® 926 satura

Rubber flooring for extremely heavy traffic areas, with hammerblow surface and tone-in-tone granular design

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