POLL: Improving Your Facility

Who makes the big decisions when it comes to improving your facility?

Project Library

Willamette University»

Salem, OR


Select a versatile, sustainable rubber flooring system with a proven track record, offering ease of maintenance and durability.

Wear Resistance / Durability Low Maintenance

Covenant HealthCare NICU»

Saginaw, MI


Achieve acoustical abatement for sound-sensitive patients in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with flooring that also offers enhanced durability.

Acoustics Wear Resistance / Durability

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital»

Boston, MA


Find a floor covering that is comfortable for patients and staff alike, but also durable, sustainable and easy-to-maintain, with the ability to support both a patient-centered experience and the best practices of green design.

Underfoot Comfort Wear Resistance / Durability Low Maintenance

Phoenix High School»

Kennewick, WA


Find a hard-surface flooring that provides cushion underfoot, attenuates unwanted sound in a large, multipurpose classroom space and is easy to maintain.

Acoustics Wear Resistance / Durability Low Maintenance

Duke Children’s & WakeMed Children’s Specialty Services»

Raleigh, NC


Find a versatile, sustainable, easy-to-maintain and comfortable flooring that also offers a vibrant color palette and design flexibility in a children’s specialty clinic.

Underfoot Comfort Wear Resistance / Durability Low Maintenance