Product Brief 

Introducing norament® xp: Ready to Work

Your workspace flooring has to be tough. But, for your industry, that means more than resisting damage. Your facility has to hold up for high-impact work, maintain a clean appearance and provide a functional, comfortable environment for workers. New norament® xp has all of that covered, combining a unique balance of high durability, stain resistance and comfortable support. 

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  • Extreme impact and stain resistance
  • Easy maintenance and reparability
  • Ergonomic for walking and standing
  • Absorbs rolling traffic noise
  • When tested in accordance with ASTM E 2180 Standard Test Method for Determining the Activity of Incorporated Antimicrobial Agent(s) in Polymeric or Hydrophobic Materials, norament xp exhibits a significant log reduction. nora does not incorporate any antimicrobial chemicals or additives into its products. These results are achieved with the standard norament xp rubber compound.

Staying clean and stain-resistant

From spills to scuffs, your fast-paced working environment puts flooring to the test in countless ways every day. That’s why norament xp provides a hygienic, stain-resistant surface. An occasional spill doesn’t have to mean permanent damage.

Holding up under extreme impact

The high surface density and impact resistance of norament xp helps eliminate unsightly chipping and travel path wear. That means even heavy rolling equipment such as large carts or patient beds will not cause long-term damage.

Keeping staff comfortable and healthy

With underfoot comfort as well as noise-reducing properties, norament xp helps provide a more comfortable environment. This can lead to a healthier and more productive staff, even helping to reduce the likelihood of workers compensation claims related to musculoskeletal injuries and discomfort.

Market segment applications

norament xp is ideal for operating rooms, emergency departments, cGMP facilities or any high-impact workspace that requires durable, accommodating performance to get the job done.

Flooring Solution:
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New norament® xp trac for cGMP facilities

norament® xp trac is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of cGMP facilities, including enhanced slip resistance and extreme durability. This newest addition to the norament xp product line features a unique structured surface that is especially resistant to slipping.

  • Extreme impact and stain resistance
  • Ergonomic for walking and standing
  • Absorbs rolling traffic noise
  • Available in 3.5mm tiles and one standard color (other colors available with minimum quantities)