New norament® arago, balancing modern design with natural dimenson




Discover nature’s energy and strength behind
the creation of norament arago
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From the topographic relief of mountain peaks to the exposed stonework of today’s contemporary spaces, the organic texture and earthy colors offer calm in every environment. Create timeless harmony with norament® arago premium rubber flooring.

Perfected for your building’s busy public spaces, such as hallways and entryways; norament arago is made to endure and aesthetically elevate your most heavily trafficked areas.


  • Low maintenance with little more than water needed – no finishes/coatings or harsh chemicals necessary
  • Construction offers quality slip resistance to create safer spaces
  • Quiet acoustical performance attenuates unwanted noise
  • Ergonomic design provides additional comfort underfoot, reducing foot and leg pain
  • Ultra-durable surface withstands extreme stress from heavy rolling loads and wheeled traffic, supported by our ten year limited wear warranty
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for Low VOC Emission supports healthy indoor air quality

Visit the norament arago product page for more information, including colors and detailed specifications.