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nora system blue

The requirements put on modern construction are continuously on the rise. Environmental and health considerations are becoming more and more important. In particular, today’s extremely dense, energy-saving construction methods bring huge challenges. They minimise air exchange, making the use of low-emission materials a necessity. That is why we have developed the nora system blue, a unique, composite system, the world’s first certified 360° quality management system for the floor.


nora system blue is the only floor covering system in the world that offers the floor
covering, installation materials and processing companies as a total concept. Qualified installation companies generate greater reliability. All the construction materials are coordinated; their emissions have been optimised, they are tested in accordance with the requirements of the Blue Angel, and are certified in the TÜV system.

With the nora system blue system design, you are meeting your obligations to the public to protect the health of building users. That means sustainable future security: functional reliability through perfect coordination of the components, reliability for calls for tenders, particularly from a legal point of view and environmental safety with regard to the materials used.


  • Advice on components when preparing your call for tenders.
  • Technical support on the building site.
  • Full, transparent documentation of the installation phase.
  • As a further element, nora pads are a perfect extension to nora system blue, supplementing the integrated system offer with an exclusive, sustainable cleaning and maintenance solution: cleaning without chemicals, leaning that is ecological and economical and maintenance or increase the value of the investment throughout the full period of its use