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Rubber - a Fascinating Material

Rubber has several excellent qualities, e.g. the ability to resiliently withstand enormous loads. Rubber is thus used in products on which the highest demands are made, such as in car tyres, babies’ dummies or special seals in industry. Rubber receives its resilient properties during processing. It remains resilient due to vulcanization and returns to its original form after deformation.

Highest performance:

nora floorcoverings are extraordinarily durable and wear-resistant. Their extremely long life is considerably above the average of other resilient floorcoverings. It is for this reason that rubber floorcoverings are also used in highly frequented areas such as airports. A long life also means that resources are saved thanks to relatively less frequent modernisation and disposal.

Advantages in cleaning and care:

The extremely dense and closed surface typical for nora rubber floorcoverings together with «nora cleanguard» facilitates easy and economic cleaning without the need for subsequent coatings. These advantages also have a very positive effect on the price/benefit ratio, especially when it comes to longer periods of use. 

Comfort and safety:

nora floorcoverings are slip-resistant, pleasantly warm under foot, permanently resilient, and combine high walking comfort and good footfall sound absorption (top values of up to 20 dB). They are resistant to cigarette burns, classified as flame-retardant and do not contain any PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g. chlorine). In case of fire, no hydrochloric gas is released which can lead to caustic burns of the respiratory tract and which might form hydrochloric acid when combined with fire fighting water. nora floorcoverings also do not emit substances in harmful concentrations; therefore, they are safe for children, whose breathing zones are closer to the floor.

Special technical specifications:

• electrostatically dissipative (dissipative floorcovering)
• electrostatically conductive (conductive floorcovering)
• suitable for fork lift trucks
• extremely impact-resistant
• extremely fire-resistant
• toxicologically safe (DIN 53 436)
• resists most oils and greases

Exemplary environmental compatibility:

The company’s primary objectives include environmentally compatible solutions which have been implemented for years – from the selection of raw materials through to development, production and use up to recycling and disposal.